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Moonsoft International produces green cleaning products for the environmentally conscious needs of the world market. 

Our microfiber products clean with little or no chemicals making them eco-friendly. We also produce cleaning textiles from renewable resources such as bamboo and soybean. Cleaning the world without damaging the environment is our goal. 

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Moonsoft International Inc. produces The highest quality automotive cleaning products for your shop or garage.

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  • Detail towels
  • Wax Applicators
  • Wash mitts
  • Double Suede mitts
  • Wash pads 
  • Waffle towels
  • Double Face wash mitts  
  • Buffing pads

Moonsoft sheepskin automotive accessories include:

  • Seat covers
  • Steering wheel covers
  • Seat belt covers
  • Wash mitts


Moonsoft International Inc. manufactures a wide range of Microfiber cleaning products for the home. Due to microfiber's unique fiber shape it is the fabric of the 21st century. Nothing cleans like microfiber, and is used in almost all applications and in most cleaning products. Moonsoft International Inc. is always interested in creating new products.

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Moonsoft International Inc. produces high quality and extreme durability industrial cleaning products. Microfiber material does not promote bacterial growth. This makes Microfiber a great product for hospital and hotel applications. Microfiber mop pads come in a variety of materials and pads for different applications. We also produce a large choice of buffer pads. Many different types of towels to fit all industrial cleaning needs.

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NEW Products

Moonsoft is always looking to develop new products and innovative ideas in the textile cleaning products market. Some of our new product lines include fibers produced from Bamboo and Soy Bean and other renewable sources.

These "Green" products move us all closer to a world with less green house gasses protecting the enviroment and still giving us all the products we need to have a standard of living we have come to enjoy.

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