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Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile are proud to be producing some of the worlds’ highest quality
microfiber, cotton, polyester, cotton polyester blend, polyester spun wool and synthetic wool textiles being sold in the world marketplace today.

Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile utilize a wide array of knitting processes to produce some of the highest performing products in the automotive cleaning, janitorial & commercial laundry supply, household cleaning products and the paint cleaning products.

Manufacturing Microfiber Yarn

Splitting the Fibers: This type of Microfiber that our Moonsoft Henan textile order-custom-microfiber-productsfactory over in China manufactures is obtained by physically or chemically treating the bi-component filaments which contain two types of polymers and they split them into two different types of filaments. This process makes it easier to split the segment in a filament from itself than in the fabrics. The two suitable polymer combinations for splitting bi-component filament spinning is: polyamides/polyester and Polyester/polyolefins.

Carding: The density of carding wire points in the fibers.

Winding/Warping: All the surfaces where the fibers are touching need which will be the guided areas must be smooth, because microfilaments are more likely to break than regular filaments.

Sizing: The warp sizing of all microfiber should be done on a single-end sizing machine to lessen the chance of the filament breaking at the splitting rods.  The size pick up on the yarn is higher and is also a better choice than the recipe size that should be decided by trial and error.

Weaving: In this process, when the machines are weaving the tensions should be kept as low as possible. Certain looms like air jet or water jet loons will need some finish to perform at maximum efficiency.

 Colors & Dyes

The dye process is controlled through the knowledge and abilities of the dye master. Henan Moonsoft Textile does not process our own dyeing of yarns. Due to the extensive background needed to produce quality dye color blending that does not bleed or fade. We choose to leave this process to the dye masters we have chosen to work closely with. We test all yarns and fabrics produced for durability, and know which dye masters that have the most experience with the process. With this working reliability, your products will always be of the highest quality.

1_7498755367Research And Development

Research and development is one of our top priorities at Henan Moonsoft Textile, along with market research through Moonsoft International. We have developed products unlike any other in our industry. Redeveloping the knitting processes and market development are two of the areas we are insuring our place in the future of our industry. Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile have worked with many vendors to develop new markets and products. If you have an idea and need help to get it from paper to a sellable item, we can help!