Our Mission

collage-3Producing twenty-first century textiles

Moonsoft International Inc., a United States corporation and Henan Moonsoft Textile, the sister corporation located in Zhengzhou China, has been producing textile products for the automotive, industrial cleaning, home and beauty markets. Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile produce twenty-first century textiles in the highest quality Microfiber, Cotton, Polyester and Cotton-Polyester blends.

Our office in the United States insures a clear communication to orders and product quality. With no language barriers, complicated instructions are followed to the letter and our customers are never disappointed with their products and quality.

Proactive sourcing

Both Moonsoft companies have been sourcing products worldwide, not only for our own production needs, but also products that other international companies require. Because we work with many factories in China and have a proactive presence in international trade shows we know the marketplace and have the contacts to meet our every sourcing need.

Your international manufacturing ally

Communication is also an important link in the production chain which needs close control to be assured your customer receives the correct product. Both Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile work hand in hand to produce the correct products and the correct pricing to make your company profitable in today’s global sourcing market. If you don’t have a friend watching the market place in the Asian Pacific, you and your company may just get out priced of your marketplace.

Ease of delivery with customs clearance

Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile can break down unit pricing to include shipping, freight forwarding to include “door to door” delivery, import documentation along with customs clearance in the United States. Your products are at your location with hassle free delivery that allows you to concentrate on your customers.

A wholesale advantage

Providing world wholesaler advantage, Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile work with some of the world’s largest wholesalers, which gives the smaller wholesalers that advantage of global sourcing. Because our process is streamlined you and your company can use this as an advantage to get your products to market.

Packaging and pre-packaged printing can be included in your shipment. Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile can offer your company pre-packaged products with UPC labels so your shipments come into your warehouse and are ready for shipment to your customers at the retail level in the same day.