Moonsoft International Inc. and Henan Moonsoft Textile provide many services to our customers. When deciding as to who your supplier is going to be you want to choose the company that can provide the most reliable, consistent service and quality products.


Moonsoft International has been sourcing products for many years. Our advantage of finding products and other manufacturers for products that someone is looking for is far reaching. We are constantly sourcing items that are needed for our own manufactured goods. Mold injection, tool and die, textiles, leather goods, tanneries, porcelains, plastics, dyeing processes, etc…

If you are looking for a manufacturer, Moonsoft International can find and place orders for your needed products. Moonsoft International will make sure quality control and production is completed on time with the correct materials. Our United States office makes it easy to contact us to ensure that any changes or requirements needed to complete your order are done effectively. Moonsoft International is your premium source to products “Made in China.”


World wholesaler advantage, Moonsoft International and Henan Moonsoft Textile work with some of the world’s largest wholesalers, which gives the smaller wholesalers that advantage of Global Sourcing. Because our process is streamlined, you and your company can use this as an advantage to get your products to market.

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Moonsoft International is an export licensed business in China. We can produce all export documentation, freight forwarding to port, shipping arrangements, customs documentation and clearance and freight forwarding in the United States. We have warehousing facilities in the United States for customer product, and we can also drop ship to your customers.